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Aldi Extends “Click and Collect” Trial for Christmas Shopping

This initiative aims to assist families with their Christmas food shopping while reducing the need to enter the physical store.

As the holiday season approaches, Aldi, the discount supermarket, has made the decision to extend its “click and collect” trial, offering a helping hand to families amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. Traditionally, the Christmas period sees an influx of people flocking to supermarkets in search of the perfect gifts and festive food. However, the Coronavirus epidemic has dramatically altered this scenario. Supermarkets like Aldi are now facing the task of limiting the number of customers in their stores simultaneously to maintain safety.

In response to this emergency situation, an increasing number of individuals have turned to online shopping to purchase both gifts and groceries. Nevertheless, this surge in online shopping has led to overcrowding on various platforms, resulting in operational challenges.

The “click and collect” service was first introduced by Aldi in September, initially at a single store in the Midlands. Shoppers can browse a comprehensive range of grocery items online and subsequently collect their orders in a “contact-free” manner from their local Aldi stores.

Giles Hurley, the CEO of Aldi UK and Ireland, expressed his views on the matter, stating, “We know that more and more people want to buy high-quality food at unbeatable Aldi prices, particularly at the moment, and this trial has been hugely popular so far.” He further added, “By extending it to hundreds of new stores, we’re making Aldi accessible to thousands of shoppers who might never have visited one of our stores before.”

The German discounter has experienced significant growth in the past decade, with a substantial surge since March due to the doubling of online grocery shopping’s share of the UK market, reaching around 14%. To utilize the “click and collect” service, customers can visit Aldi’s website to book collection at selected stores. Orders are prepared by store staff and subsequently delivered to customers in designated parking bays upon their arrival, ensuring a safe and convenient shopping experience during these challenging times.

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