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Concerns Surrounding Bangladesh’s Cybersecurity Act 2023 and its Impact on the Digital Landscape

Bangladesh Cybersecurity Act 2023

Bangladesh’s Cybersecurity Act 2023: A Cause for Concern

Bangladesh has recently introduced the Cybersecurity Act 2023, a legislation that aims to address cybercrime and cybersecurity regulations in the country. While the intention behind this act is to strengthen the digital ecosystem and protect against cyber threats, it has raised concerns among experts about its potential impact on various aspects of the country’s digital landscape.

Combining Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Regulations

One of the main concerns surrounding the Cybersecurity Act 2023 is the decision to combine cybercrime and cybersecurity regulations into a single legislation. While the intention behind this consolidation may be to streamline processes and improve coordination between different agencies, it could have unintended consequences.

By merging these two areas, the act may inadvertently deter cybersecurity research and innovation. Researchers and experts may be hesitant to explore new techniques and technologies due to the fear of running afoul of the law. This could hinder the growth of cybersecurity capabilities in the country and limit its ability to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Legal Ambiguities and Enforcement Challenges

Another concern raised by experts is the potential for legal ambiguities and enforcement challenges created by the Cybersecurity Act 2023. Combining cybercrime and cybersecurity regulations could lead to confusion regarding the scope and application of the law.

Businesses operating in the digital space may find it difficult to navigate the legal landscape and ensure compliance. The lack of clarity in the legislation may result in unintended violations and legal disputes, which could hamper the growth of the digital economy.

Enforcement of the act may also pose challenges. Cybersecurity is a complex field, and law enforcement agencies may lack the necessary expertise and resources to effectively enforce the provisions of the act. This could lead to ineffective implementation and undermine the overall purpose of the legislation.

The Impact on the Business Environment

The Cybersecurity Act 2023 has the potential to impact the business environment in Bangladesh. The legal ambiguities and enforcement challenges mentioned earlier can create an uncertain and risky environment for businesses.

Businesses may face difficulties in understanding and complying with the requirements of the act, which could result in increased compliance costs. This, in turn, may deter foreign investments and hinder the growth of the digital economy in the country.

Moreover, the act may discourage international collaborations and partnerships in the cybersecurity field. Foreign entities may be hesitant to share sensitive information or engage in joint research projects due to concerns about data privacy and legal implications.


While the Cybersecurity Act 2023 in Bangladesh aims to strengthen the country’s digital ecosystem and protect against cyber threats, it has raised concerns among experts. The decision to combine cybercrime and cybersecurity regulations, as well as the potential for legal ambiguities and enforcement challenges, could have unintended consequences on cybersecurity research, the business environment, and overall growth in the digital economy. It is important for policymakers to address these concerns and ensure that the act strikes the right balance between security and innovation.

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