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Corey O’Brien’s Rise: TikTok to Comedy

Corey O’Brien’s TikTok fame was just the beginning. His quick wit transcended TikTok, captivating comedy club audiences. The transition from TikTok to stand-up stages seemed destined for Corey. With each show, Corey’s TikTok roots enriched his comedy, resonating with a generation that speaks in viral videos.

Based in Los Angeles, this comedian will unveil his latest show, “Everybody Loves Corey,” on November 2 at the Comedy Chateau in North Hollywood, California. This intensely personal performance promises to blend “different elements of dance, humor, and storytelling,” as Corey delves into the highs and lows of his past while embracing an optimistic look toward the future.

In a candid interview with HuffPost, O’Brien shared how he’s grown to appreciate moments that once caused him pain. These experiences have shaped him into who he is today, allowing him to find humor in every situation and laugh freely, unburdened by regret or embarrassment. “I own who I am and am proud of the man I’ve become,” he declares.

Viewers can catch a glimpse of what to expect in “Everybody Loves Corey” by watching one of O’Brien’s recent performances, where he humorously zings his family members. Despite the laughter, his message revolves around love, particularly emphasizing the constancy of family.

“Everybody Loves Corey” marks O’Brien’s third stand-up gig this year. He debuted at the Comedy Chateau on June 30 with “Corey’s First Time” and later performed at North Hollywood’s HaHa Club for “One Night with Corey.”

O’Brien, who celebrated 11 years of sobriety, finds inspiration for his shows in his experiences of growing up as a young gay man in a conservative Pennsylvania town and his early struggles with addiction. His stories also include amusing anecdotes about love and sex.

“Finding happiness or humor in my life was a challenge for a while,” O’Brien acknowledges, “as I spent years feeling shame and spiraling in a feeling of helplessness. In sobriety, I started to rebuild different areas of my life and reframed my way of thinking around the experiences in my life that brought such negative reactions.”

O’Brien initially gained recognition as a model and dancer, sharing the stage with superstars like Mariah Carey and P. Diddy. In 2019, he confirmed his relationship with NFL veteran Ryan “R.K.” Russell, who came out as bisexual around the same time.

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, O’Brien turned to TikTok as a creative outlet. His viral recreations of iconic Dua Lipa and Spice Girls performances and his tongue-in-cheek homage to Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look garnered widespread attention.

Yet, O’Brien always knew he’d return to the stage, emphasizing his lifelong goal of making people laugh. “There is no feeling like it, and being able to hold an audience is a high in itself,” he attests.

After the debut of “Everybody Loves Corey,” O’Brien plans to collaborate with fellow comedian Jill-Michele Meleán, known for her roles in “MADtv” and “Reno 911!” The two aim to further refine the show, and O’Brien has aspirations of embarking on a full-fledged comedy tour in the coming year.

While the reception of O’Brien’s stand-up comedy remains to be seen, he already considers these shows a personal success, celebrating the liberating experience of being his authentic self and sharing laughter with others.

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