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Dog Pulled Over due to Speeding in Slovakia


A bizarre incident in Slovakia involved a 31-year-old man from Senice who let his brown hunting dog take the wheel while he was speeding down the road. The unusual incident was captured by a police speed camera, which showed the dog sitting behind the wheel of a Škoda, seemingly “smiling beautifully into the camera” and peering through the windshield at potential prey.

The police humorously commented that they had “thwarted” the dog’s hunting plans. The dog’s owner claimed that the dog had unexpectedly jumped into his lap just before the photo was taken, but the police argued that the footage showed no such sudden movement. As a result, the man was fined on the spot for violating traffic regulations.

The Slovak Police Force took the opportunity to remind drivers to ensure the safety of both their furry friends and themselves while driving, emphasizing that even small animals can pose a significant risk to the driver’s life and health. They recommended using protective systems to keep everyone in the car safe.

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