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Elon Musk and Germany Clash Over NGO Activity in the Mediterranean

Musk's comments sparking a discussion on social media.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk, who owns X (formerly known as Twitter), criticized German non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean and taking them to Italy. His comments came in response to a video posted by the account Radio Genoa, showing German NGO members rescuing migrants from crowded boats.

In the video, German NGO staff can be seen helping migrants onto their ships. Musk’s response to the post questioned whether the German public was aware of these activities. Germany’s Foreign Office quickly responded, stating that the actions were about saving lives and expressing pride in their humanitarian efforts.

Musk further engaged in the discussion, expressing doubts about the majority of the German public supporting these actions and raising concerns about the violation of Italy’s sovereignty due to the transportation of illegal immigrants to Italian soil. He suggested that the situation had “invasion vibes.”

This exchange highlights the ongoing debate and controversy surrounding migration and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, with Musk’s comments sparking a discussion on social media.

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