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Entertainment World Grapples with Drug Scandals and Thematic Drama Surge

G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang, faced similar allegations under the Drug Management Law.

The entertainment world is abuzz with discussions about drug allegations involving well-known figures, including actor Lee Sun-kyun and singer G-Dragon. Both are currently under investigation for alleged drug use, causing shockwaves due to their status as beloved stars.

Lee Sun-kyun, known for his roles in popular dramas and his appearance at the Cannes Film Festival with the movie Parasite, was charged with marijuana and stimulant drug allegations. G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang, faced similar allegations under the Drug Management Law. While they remain under investigation and unconvicted, the association of these stars with drug-related allegations has disappointed and shocked the public.

The situation is further complicated by the spread of fake news and rumors, with other celebrities like BTS, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, Leseraphim’s Kim Chae-won, and Park Sun-joo also facing unfounded accusations, which they strongly denied.

Curiously, a surge in drug-themed dramas is coinciding with these scandals. Shows like Strong Woman Gangnam Soon, The Worst Evil, and High Cookie are all delving into drug-related storylines. These dramas tackle issues such as superhuman strength and drug investigations, undercover operations against drug trafficking organizations, and even a mysterious cookie that fulfills desires, reminiscent of drugs.

While the themes may reflect the increasing prevalence of drug-related concerns in society, there are concerns that their portrayal in entertainment may desensitize viewers to the seriousness of the issue. The constant exposure to drug-related content in the news, dramas, and text messages leaves many feeling uneasy about the current state of affairs.

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