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Families May Be Allowed to Meet in Small Numbers at Christmas Despite Covid Restrictions

The Environment Secretary, George Eustice, has indicated that families in England may still be able to meet for Christmas, albeit not in large gatherings. He acknowledged the importance of Christmas to families and stated that while Covid restrictions are likely to continue during the holidays, it’s too early to predict the specific rules that will be in place.

Opposition parties have called for uniform Covid restrictions across the UK for Christmas, but this is challenging given the different policies implemented by devolved governments.

However, some scientists have expressed concerns, with Sage member Sir Mark Walport suggesting there is “little to feel reassured about.” He pointed out that many people are still vulnerable, and there could be a significant number of hospitalizations by the end of next month. While treatments have improved, the country is still early in the second wave, and there’s a significant lag between contracting Covid and potential fatalities.

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