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Niall Horan to Release Deluxe Version of “The Show” with “The Encore”

Niall Horan, the former One Direction singer, has exciting news for his fans. He announced that he will be releasing a deluxe version of his third album, “The Show,” titled “The Show: The Encore,” on November 3. To mark this announcement, he released a duet of his song “You Could Start a Cult” from the album, featuring Lizzy McAlpine.

In this delicate love ballad, Horan and McAlpine trade verses, showcasing their individual melancholic tones. The song expresses deep emotions, with lines like “Oh, I’ll follow you till there’s no tomorrow.” The enchanting duet brings out the beauty of their voices and heartfelt lyrics.

“The Show: The Encore” will also feature a reworked version of the album’s title track with John Legend. Additionally, the album includes live recordings from the Electric Picnic festival and Spotify Studios, as well as reimagined versions of “Meltdown” and “On a Night Like Tonight” from Horan’s Vevo Extended Play session.

Niall Horan is also gearing up for The Show Live on Tour 2024, where he will perform his first headlining shows in six years and play in some of the biggest venues across Europe, Oceania, and North America. His tour begins in May 2024 and promises to be a fantastic experience for his fans.

“The Show: The Encore” will be released on November 3 by Capitol Records, and fans can look forward to this special deluxe edition of the album.

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