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Playground xyz Study Reveals Significant Reduction in Carbon Emissions from Digital Ads by Optimizing Attention Time


London, March 2nd, 2023 – Playground xyz, a pioneer in attention measurement and optimization, has released a groundbreaking study, utilizing Scope3 data, demonstrating that carbon emissions from digital ad campaigns can be slashed by an impressive 63% when campaigns are fine-tuned for Attention Time.

The study, based on an analysis of 45 million ad impressions, uncovered that the average digital ad campaign releases a substantial 5.4 tons of carbon into the atmosphere. This is a staggering 35% more carbon emissions than an average individual emits in an entire year. However, by eliminating advertising from domains where Attention Time falls below 0.5 seconds, the research revealed a remarkable 63% reduction in emissions, concurrently boosting the average Attention Time per impression by nearly 40%.

Playground xyz data illuminates a disheartening reality – approximately 40% of online ads go unnoticed, despite appearing on users’ screens. This not only leads to suboptimal brand outcomes but also contributes significantly to unnecessary carbon emissions. Recent findings from Scope3 underscore this issue, indicating that roughly 15.3% of advertising spend is squandered on inventory that delivers no value to advertisers while generating excessive CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the study explored how advertisers can further minimize their carbon footprint by avoiding websites with the highest carbon emissions. By excluding the top 20% of the most pollutant web domains from their ad campaigns, advertisers could achieve a nearly 60% reduction in emissions.

This research aligns with the global imperative outlined by world leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, stressing the necessity to cut global emissions by 45% before 2030 to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and mitigate the most severe consequences of climate change. The media industry, being responsible for approximately 4% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, must play a pivotal role in this endeavor, especially when digital technology emissions are increasing at a rate of 9% annually.

Dr. Shannon Bosshard, Playground’s Lead Scientist, who spearheaded the study, remarked, “Historically, attention signals have been valuable metrics for gauging advertising effectiveness. However, our current data suggests that, beyond bolstering effectiveness, attention measurement offers advertisers a pathway to be more environmentally responsible. Measuring online emissions and optimizing digital advertising for reduced emissions have been challenges. Nonetheless, in conjunction with solutions like those offered by Scope3, attention signals can become a metric that sets the standard for environmentally conscientious advertising.”

Playground xyz employs eye-tracking panel data combined with AI to ascertain Attention Time, defined as the duration in seconds that an ad is genuinely viewed. Armed with these insights, advertisers can recalibrate digital environments and ad creatives to optimize attention and engagement, while simultaneously reducing waste associated with less engaging placements and creatives.

June Cheung, Head of JAPAC at Scope3, added, “The study affirms that our industry can contribute positively to the planet without sacrificing performance or profits. Sustainability can enhance effectiveness, particularly in terms of attention, while reducing carbon emissions. I’m optimistic that our industry, with innovators like Playground xyz, will continue to discover ways to be both sustainable and effective.”

About Playground xyz

Playground xyz is dedicated to mastering the art and science of maximizing consumer attention. The company has developed the world’s first technology stack, the Attention Intelligence Platform, which combines visual attention measurement, analytics, and media optimization. This platform powers a suite of leading products designed to maximize Attention Time for brands. Headquartered in Australia, Playground xyz maintains offices in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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