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Project Accelerating Success: Five Essential Strategies


Project managers often grapple with the challenge of delivering project on time, facing obstacles like decision-making delays, team conflicts, and external factors beyond their control. However, there are proven methods to minimize unnecessary setbacks. Here are five crucial strategies to drive project success:

Understand Your Team Members

To expedite project progress, focus on three aspects of your team members:

  • Capabilities: Assess their knowledge and skills.
  • Attitude: Gauge their motivation, working environment preferences, and compensation satisfaction.
  • Personal Character: Recognize their innate talents that influence learning, leadership style, and relationship-building strategies.

Understanding this trio of capabilities, attitude, and personal character creates a unique project management solution, enhancing productivity by allowing team members to work in harmony with their natural energies.

Organize and Communicate

Clarity is key. Ensure your team comprehends their roles, responsibilities, and the project’s purpose. Share information about what needs to be done and why it matters. Effective communication fosters an environment where everyone understands their tasks and the project’s overarching goals.

Offer constructive feedback to focus on outcomes and problem-solving, reducing repeated mistakes and maintaining a smooth workflow.

Translate Goals into Action Plans

Transform your project’s objectives into a detailed action plan. Start from the project’s completion deadline and work backward, breaking down tasks into manageable steps with set deadlines. It’s essential to account for potential delays, allowing a realistic timeline.

Establishing weekly objectives helps your team stay on track and ensures regular progress updates, preventing bottlenecks caused by missed deadlines.

Build a Cohesive Team

Mismatched skill sets and roles can hinder a project. Evaluate your team members’ strengths and weaknesses and assign roles that align with their talents. Ask them for their input to better understand their abilities.

Strive for role alignment: place creative individuals in idea-generation positions and task-focused team members where they can work independently. By matching responsibilities with strengths, you’ll reduce conflict and enhance project management.

Prioritize Deadlines, Embrace Flexibility

Balance your leadership approach. While micromanagement can stifle your team’s independence, a hands-off approach can lead to missed deadlines. Set clear deadlines, delegate tasks, and trust your team to deliver. Be firm on timelines while remaining flexible in your approach, allowing your team to demonstrate their capabilities.

Embrace agility, empower your team to make decisions, and build a self-directed project team. As long as they meet deadlines, let them take the reins and surprise you with their efficiency.

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