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Rising Temperatures Drive Increased Demand for Cooling Solutions in Gulf Nations

As temperatures continue to soar around the Persian Gulf, the demand for cooling solutions has seen a significant rise. The scorching heat has led to an increased need for air conditioners, particularly those with larger cooling capacities and lower energy consumption. The Gulf region is experiencing an upward trend in temperatures, prompting residents to replace older air conditioning units with more efficient models.

The Bahraini Meteorological Department reported a substantial increase in the average temperature for July, which reached 36.6 degrees Celsius, marking the second-highest July average since 1902. This temperature surge has resulted in record-breaking electricity consumption in Bahrain.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are also facing rising temperatures, with some areas surpassing 50 degrees Celsius. A report by the GCC Statistical Center indicates that over the past two decades, the average temperature in GCC nations has increased by 2.1 degrees Celsius, exceeding the parameters of the Paris Agreement.

To combat rising temperatures and reduce the effects of global warming, GCC countries have implemented various laws and regulations. Efforts include transitioning to environmentally friendly refrigerants, banning high-energy-consuming or polluting devices, and enforcing laws to protect the environment.

Several Gulf countries have adopted “green” approaches, launching large afforestation campaigns. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince initiated the Middle East Green Initiative, aiming to plant 50 billion trees across the region, while Bahrain focuses on expanding its mangrove tree population and launching annual tree planting campaigns.

Despite these measures, meteorologists emphasize the need for even faster and more comprehensive steps to mitigate the impact of global warming in the Gulf region.

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