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Takeaway Beers Allowed During England’s Second Lockdown

The UK government has allowed the sale of takeaway beers and alcohol during the second national lockdown. Under the new rules, customers must pre-order their drinks online, by phone, or by post and collect them without entering the premises.

Relief for the Alcohol Industry

This decision has been welcomed by the beer and alcohol industries. Industry leaders had previously warned that a ban on takeaway sales would lead to the disposal of thousands of gallons of beer.

Pub owners and campaigners had pushed for the reversal of what they considered a “baffling” and “nonsensical” decision. Nik Antona, chairman of The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), expressed his delight and stated that this decision provides a lifeline for local pubs and breweries during the lockdown. Without specific support, many pubs and breweries could face permanent closure.

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), while appreciating the allowance for takeaway alcohol, emphasized that it is not enough. She called for the same ability for pubs to sell off-license alcohol as was allowed during the first lockdown to support the survival of pubs and brewers.

The regulations detailing the rules for England’s second lockdown were voted on in the House of Commons on November 4. These regulations allow restricted businesses to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption as long as customers pre-order and do not enter the premises.

While these regulations aim to support the hospitality industry, they also prioritize public health and safety by preventing gatherings outside of hospitality venues. During the second national lockdown, people are only permitted to visit outdoor public places with the people they live with or with one person from another household in specified locations.

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