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Thelma Zablocki: Pioneering Healthtech Innovation with CardiaTec

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthtech, a new name is shining bright: Thelma Zablocki, the GenZ founder who is leaving an indelible mark in the fight against cardiovascular disease. As the Co-Founder and COO of CardiaTec Biosciences, her journey is a testament to youthful vision, cutting-edge technology, and a determination to improve lives.

Thelma Zablocki’s entry into the healthtech space is marked by her role as the co-founder of CardiaTec Biosciences. Her mission is to combat cardiovascular disease by harnessing the power of AI. The company, based in Cambridge, is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance life expectancy and the quality of life for individuals grappling with severe illnesses.

Zablocki’s connection with CardiaTec is deeply rooted in her academic pursuits and passion for making a tangible impact. A graduate of the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise, she brings a unique blend of scientific understanding and entrepreneurial spirit to the table.

The startup’s focus on using AI to analyze vast multi-omic cardiovascular data is a testament to Zablocki’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical discovery. CardiaTec’s inception in 2021 marked a significant stride in healthtech innovation. The platform’s ability to interpret complex data sets through AI represents a fresh approach to medical research. Zablocki’s role in raising approximately €1.3 million in Pre-Seed funding underscores her leadership and the resonance of the startup’s mission within the investor community.

Thelma Zablocki’s story serves as an inspiration to emerging entrepreneurs, particularly those aiming to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. Her journey underscores the importance of education, specialization, and a deep understanding of market needs. By combining her scientific background with entrepreneurial fervor, Zablocki is driving a shift in how severe illnesses are approached.

In the dynamic realm of healthtech, Thelma Zablocki’s involvement with CardiaTec stands tall as an embodiment of innovation and impact. Her journey empowers other young entrepreneurs to merge their passions with cutting-edge technology for the greater good. With her fresh perspective and unwavering commitment, Zablocki is a beacon of hope for individuals battling cardiovascular diseases, and an inspiration for those who seek to make a real difference in the world of healthtech.

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